On Being Real

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(On Being Real is the first installment of musings and writings on my mind at the moment...)

     Lately I've been thinking about what it means to "be real" in today's society. One of the major downsides to social media (blogging included) is the fact that you may think you know someone's personality or life... but is it real? Did she really wake up looking that perfect?  How does so-and-so have the time and money to get a pedicure and $10 latte everyday? It seems everyone (I can be guilty of this too!) posts the "highlights reel" of their lives... only the perfectly coordinated moments where the kids all get along and your top matches your shoes which match your notebook and your phone case... only the beautiful moments and the ups of life.
     This makes me wonder... why are we all so entertained and addicted to these fake things that we view on our phones? For me, some posts make me jealous and bummed that I don't look that cute on a daily basis or wonder why my friends and I don't have that much fun. This starts the comparison game... and once I start the comparison game, it's hard to end it. While we all may be posting posed pictures with a catchy caption we thought of 72 hours before the event occurred (guilty here), a lack of genuine life is missing.
     In REALITY, we'are all struggling with something. Maybe that wasn't the perfect date... maybe the real caption would read "He was thirty minutes late to pick me up and I couldn't find anything to wear... then he was in a bad mood which put me in a bad mood and really tonight was just not a good night for dating." What would someone think after reading this caption? Would people sympathize because these nights happen to everyone? Would they criticize for the picture not being uplifting and adorable?
     The truth in all of this is that life isn't perfect. If life was perfect, I could eat ten pizzas a day and still be healthy. If life was perfect, I'd have a pet elephant and live in a polka dot painted house (this is a real dream of mine). If life was perfect, I wouldn't get in a bad mood from tiny, trivial things. If life was perfect, I wouldn't have to stress so much over studying and grades and college and all these things that will hopefully make me money so I can work towards an "instagram perfect" life. But life isn't perfect and it never will be.
     The beautiful thing is that life was never meant to be perfect, and because of that, we can experience genuine, perfect love. If life was perfect, Eve would never have taken the apple from the tree... Jesus wouldn't have died on the cross for our sins and our imperfections. God made the world imperfect so that he could bring something perfect for us to look up to, for us to admire, and for us to love. He sent His son down to earth to show us that even if we aren't perfect, something perfect can love us and all our imperfections. If that isn't real and genuine and beautiful, I don't know what is.
     In this digital world, it may seem that "perfection" surrounds us... but don't be fooled. No one is perfect, no matter how their profiles look. No one is perfect in the inside. And the inside is what counts. While we live life on earth, the goal is to make your insides more perfect... to become more like Christ in your heart... and whatever is in the heart will shine through words and actions. So, learn from the real struggles in life, don't compare your real self to someone else's glorified images, and remember that you are perfect to God.

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