Autumn Recap

Fall of my senior year has come and gone. It's been a busy one, but I'm finally finding time to sit back and relax... just in time for the holiday season! Before it starts to snow and Christmas rolls around, I figured I should review the past few months. Better late than never... right? ;)

 photo dec42pc_zpsa141ca90.jpg
^Sometimes I really love living in Arkansas. I'll definitely miss these fall colors when I head off to college next year...

 photo PhotoNov1052706PM_zpsb6c851ce.jpg
^So much study time... school has been a work heavy semester.

 photo dec43pc_zpsabd5aca7.jpg
^In the south, fall means football. Lots of Tiger games were attended and lots of victories were celebrated at Waffle House.

 photo dec4pc_zps2eb35095.jpg
^This was my first year to vote! Of course, AP Government and Politics class gave me an extra push to go out and take advantage of this privilege we have in America. I love learning about the government... so handy to know when watching the news. Since many of my class mates turned 18 this year, we all registered to vote when we renewed our licenses... a part of the "Motor Voter Act." (Don't think I'll be able to hear that without laughing, we all think "motor voter" sounds goofy.)

 photo PhotoOct25124411PM1_zpsd699bf03.jpg
^I love my drive home from school... it's hard not to be thankful when the sky is this blue and the sun this bright.

 photo dec5pc_zps8c448a36.jpg
^The holidays are in the air! Dorky me ran straight over to the "mini field" of cranberries at the store. And who doesn't love having Christmas trees at Walmart??


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