Autumn 2014

     Life has been busy around here. Sometimes, when life gets busy it gets good. And sometimes it gets chaotic. This past month has been a mix of both...
     In September, I turned 18. Most people said "Happy Birthday! You can buy cigarettes now!" to me throughout the day. Occasionally I would be told I can now vote, but it seems people were more excited about the smoking... maybe that says something about society. Anyways, I was fortunate to be able to celebrate with my whole family, including my sisters!! A fun day at school complete with surprise donuts, a run in the rain with sister, and a nice dinner out to Pesto cafe in Fayetteville made my birthday simple but special. At the end of the day, I didn't feel older because I can now vote and gamble, buy lottery tickets and cigarettes... I felt the oldest when, walking by a group of preschool kids, a friend commented, "Isn't it crazy how we're closer to having one of those than being one of those?" And I realized, yes, it is crazy, and yes, it is true. Life doesn't stop and I'm quickly getting closer to real adulthood.... so here we go.
 photo oct3_zps7d8a542b.jpg 
^Burton's ice cream truck in Fayetteville, so yummy!

     School is in full swing. From interviews for college to A Midsummer Night's Dream to scatterplots and histograms to the Protestants and Catholics... I've been learning and doing and going. So far during senior year, I've been to the last first football game, I've dressed up for the last spirit week, and gone to the last homecoming. Pretty much any activity we seniors do is accompanied by "the last..." and a tear or two down the cheek. Currently, I'm trying not to get sucked into the selfishness that can become senior year and, while I may be bogged down with tasks, I'll keep my focus outward and still make time for others.

 photo PhotoSep0372421PM_zps38323a3e.jpg 
^Senior night at church is always fun. 

     Autumn is my favorite season and this one is proving to be a pretty good one so far. While it was 50* this weekend and it is now 85*, the fall activities are starting to begin. So bring it on... I can't wait.

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