Sunday Lovin- a southern summer night

(Sunday Lovin' is a weekly post where I share things I love about the south- the culture, landscape, or simply the always blue sky.)

     One of our favorite activities down here is hammocking- as in laying in a hammock in a tree. Is it a verb? Not sure, but we've made it one. On particularly cooler days this summer, I'd set the hammock up and doze off for a nice nap. Sometimes we go hammocking in parks. Or sometimes, like the photos below, we have hammocking parties. I love these nights- twinkle lights, and campfires, and joyful conversations while we all hang like monkeys. 

 photo ham3_zps4bf96b83.jpg photo ham1_zps3df37840.jpg  photo ham2_zps90258501.jpg photo ham4_zps54381a58.jpg 

Oh how I love sweet southern nights.  

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