God, Friends, and the Mountains

Towards the end of June, I headed out to Colorado for church camp and one of the best weeks of summer. Since my church here is fairly large (it serves four towns in Northwest Arkansas with kids from each), it was nice to get away for a week with just the senior class. Sixty of us drove off to the mountains of Winter Park (about a fourteen hour drive) and spent the week hiking, reflecting, cheering on team USA in the World Cup, worshiping our God, and discussing how we can make this next year count.
 photo co3copy_zps2731a7ba.jpg 
 photo co1_zpse0ba9604.jpg ^ We stayed at Timberline Lodge which serves as a Bible school during the regular year. Our nights were full of volleyball, frisbee, dining together, and watching the stars on the roof.
   photo co2_zpsaee436e4.jpg ^ So very thankful for this time I got to spend with some of my best friends before we tackle senior year and move all over the country.
 photo co5_zpsbc00b468.jpg
^ My favorite hike was an 11 mile trek up to an alpine lake. Definitely makes me want to explore the world by hiking from now on. 
 photo co4_zps46625389.jpg
In Colorado, I learned that an unplugged week is necessary for my health. I learned that laughter and love and life without distractions is magical. I learned that being broken is ok... we should run to Jesus with a desperate heart at all times. I learned that this year is going to take some intentional time management for me to keep myself rooted in the Lord and the word every single day. I learned that Colorado isn't a magical land (although it sure does look like it), but we can connect and share and learn as brothers and sisters in Christ all year at home. And I pray that each and every one of us remembers what happened at Timberline this summer so that we may spread the joy and love of Christ throughout our schools this year.
"His steadfast love endures forever..." -Psalm 136 

(the first and last two pictures were taken with a Kodak disposable film camera... I loved the funkiness and haze that came out of this pictures; truly captures that green Colorado scenery)

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