Mexico 2014


For March Break This Year, I traveled to Puebla, Mexico. I fell in love with the place, the food, the people and their love for Jesus. I spent a week not only learning how to serve both my brothers and sisters in Christ but also how to accept service from strangers. I laughed so so hard the whole time, probably the most I've laughed all year. 
During one of our small group discussions on the gospel, we asked the students (all around the same age as us) why God sent His son down to earth to live with us. It only took two seconds for one of the sweet girls to say, "For love." And really, it's as simple as that. We all sat in the circle amazed at how simple yet complex that answer was. And the main thing I took away from this trip? I learned how to love. And I loved doing it. 
xo Puebla, see you soon

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