the 15 projects: paint 3 pictures

Back again with another one of my 15 projects! My birthday is just around the corner so I'll be cramming these posts in here before school and September…
Painting #1: LOVE: an experiment with watercolors and the trendy ombre technique that didn't turn out like I wanted, but oh well. For now it's just leaning against my wall (along with a random typewriter experiment): 

Painting #2: Frank, the french bulldog (hanging on my wall which I posted about here). Sigh, I love frenchies and can't wait for the day when I'll have my own. I ended up cutting it to 10in by 10in (bad decision because then I had to have it custom framed):  

Painting #3: One night I decided to just grab the following materials and have some fun. This is also hanging on my wall

Thanks for sticking with me as I post some of these 15 projects, I'll be back with more next week!(;

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