Time: 10:30pm
Location: mom & dad's bed since it's downstairs and i haven't quite figured out how to get upstairs with crutches(;
Weather: heat waves all the time happening down here in the south… i would be overjoyed if it rained for 3 weeks straight
Watching: old reruns of Friends on nick@nite
Eating: saltines and cereal
Drinking: hot tea (of course) and ginger ale 
Thinking: about how school starts in less than a month
Feeling: pain in my right foot that i just had surgery on yesterday to correct the weird looking bones in the picture above
Needing: said pain to go away soon or I just might explode
Wanting: to be at the olympics in London
Loving: the thought of buying and wearing fall clothes 

{currents is a lovely documentation idea from Tina}

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