The A to Zs of Me

A. age: 15
B. bed size: queen
C. chore that I hate: putting my clothes away…if only they could just magically hang themselves up
D. dogs: love dogs, but don't mind cats. I have a lab, a corgi, and daydream about having a french bulldog
E. essential start to my day: a cup of tea
F. favorite color: its been purple ever since I was a little girl
G. gold or silver: definitely silver
H. height: 5'5 and 3/4 of an inch, every bit counts while I'm still growing
I. instruments I play: piano, and I sing, and I used to play the violin
J. job title: um, high schooler?
K. kids: none
L. live: Bentonville, Arkansas. Home of WalMart. 
M. mother's name: Susan
N. nicknames: my close friends call me Soph, my dad calls me Boo or Soph-a-lota-pork-chop which my sister recently shortened to Pork Chop, my uncle used to tease me and call me Ophie, and sometimes Lophie… yeah, don't ask. 
O. overnight hospital stays: when I was a baby and couldn't remember
P. pet peeves: people chewing or talking obnoxiously loud
Q. quote from a movie: "I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love me." -Notting Hill
R. right or left-handed: right
S. siblings: two older sisters
T. town or country: town... even though I kinda live in the country.
U. underwear: I see London, I see France, and I'm not talking about my underpants
V. vegetable you hate: zucchini… ewwww. 
W. what makes you run late: pointless dilly-dallying
X. x-rays you've had: I broke my pinky in the sixth grade
Y. yummy food that you make: um, let's see, does toast and frozen pizza count?
Z. zoo animal: ellies 

(saw this here and decided to try it out)

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