1 down, 3 to go...

I completed my first year of high school last week (so glad summer is finally here)! And since I love making lists (can't you tell?), here are nine things I learned during the ninth grade…

1. The things you see during spirit weeks and the hilarious (and sometimes disturbing) bits of conversations you will pick up in the hallways are insane. 
2. Just because you don't want to be best friends with someone doesn't mean you can't just be friends.
3. The genuinely more nice you are to people, the more people will be nice to you (haha, going back to the golden rule…). Also, if you avoid spreading gossip or listening to it all the time, you will have a more positive, carefree attitude. 
4. Do things even if they're nerdy or different or not mainstream. It's your high school experience and you are the one that needs to find the magic. (I should probably listen to my own advice on this one a lot more.)
5. This year has gone by freakishly fast. And so will the next three. And then it will be like looking back on the fifth grade as I do now… I can barely remember it. And then when I graduate from college it will be like looking back on the first grade. Holy crap, I need to stop thinking ahead. 
6. There's nothing better than a weekend away at a church retreat. 
7. Even though some days and weeks and months seem impossibly busy and hard, you will always, always, make it through them, especially when you turn to God and pray. 
8. Soak in every car ride, every football game, every lunch in the caf, every painful walk to the third floor, and every patch of grass I pass on my way to school. There are only three years left at home…
9. Sometimes your teachers won't challenge you and you're going to have to do it yourself. 

And my 9 favorite memories from the ninth grade… 

Not sure how I feel about being a wise fool (sophomore) next year, but I have a long summer to get used to the idea(: 

Have a great weekend!

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