30 Day Photography Challenge

This month, I have decided to take on a 30 day photography challenge. Hopefully it will help motivate me to get out my big camera and improve my photography skills.  I picked the "prompts" that I liked the most from a few different lists found on Pinterest (here, here, and here). So here's the complete list:

1.self-portrait                                    16.down below 
2.flowers                                             17.food
3.clouds                                               18.pattern       
4.close-up                                           19.someone I love
5.something new                             20.outside      
6.technology                                     21.after dark
7.childhood memory                      22.sunflare
8.faceless self-portrait                  23.in my bag
9.from a distance                            24.sky
10.my shoes                                      25.bokeh
11.trees                                               26.something I see everyday
12.a smile                                          27.black and white
13.where I slept                              28.what I wore
14.reflection                                     29.eyes
15.up above                                      30.self- portrait 

And here's my first picture for April 1st...

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